31 May 2010

UniStyle: Peacocks, ANU

Things this colourful should be candy.
I hope these girls have forgiven me for licking their fringes. You just looked so delicious.

24 May 2010

UniStyle: Japonisme, ANU

We are down to restricted posts while Flick is away in England. Please pray to the Mother Goddess that the ash cloud doesn't swallow her so she can come back to us.

Hey! Ever want to dress like Garçons?
I had to struggle out an essay on Comme des Garçons' early, grey, oversized, layer-y clothes and now all I want is a big black dress to drown in.
This is the money here but I question whether even this is big enough. I am talking about, say...a tent here people.
Oh yeah, a huge CdG marquee for the style win.

PS: No-one has ever needed to know the degree of postmodernism in the above dress. HOWEVER if you DO want to know exactly that, boy! do I have the paper for you!

18 May 2010

UniStyle: Long Skirt Time, ANU

Ladies in long skirts are too busy to say hello. This pink thing is so great...
Now that is enough of that!
I'm gunna rock the long-dress, long-jumper look soon.

I ain't going to look as cute though.

13 May 2010

UniStyle: Matchy-matchy, ANU

I get bold-coloured coats. You know the primary colours (Blue! Red! Yellllow!) that the hip kids are wearing. I prefer dark hues (i.e. only colours batman would wear) but I get the appeal here. I like them best when they are matched with other bright colours. And if you're lucky enough to have two pieces that are both Orange! You are honour-bound to match that.

6 May 2010


Check out the new edition of that esteemed publication (ANU student newspaper) WORONI for your most recent Capital Style name-drop.

It seems that a well-meaning contributor singled out campus movement Humans vs. Zombies as a particularly unfashionable lot. Now, now, none of that. A member wrote a letter to the Woroni editors letting them know that even zombies read Capital Style.

Thanks you handsome fucks! We love you too!

3 May 2010

Update Your Calender

Has is been almost a month already? Low postage recently due to being students and being hated by the universe. Did you know Topshop online has a big-ish sale? I wish I did not know this. I've already bought a coat. I want these shoes:
I don't know why. I am addicted to hideous shoes I guess.

BACK TRACK: the newest HEARTBEAT night is this Saturday at the Transit Bar. Last month the Party By Jake folks featured clothes by Eleventh Commandment, which was a'ight. The shirts were mainly their older styles (i.e. stuff they wanted to get rid of), which I didn't like as much as their newer prints. But they looked good on:

Anywho. The featured label this month is MOCAN, some kind of skating brand who I want to look up but cannot due to their low-level internet presence (empty etsy, coy 'inspiration' blog). If you're curious head to HEARTBEAT this weekend. It is free and the tunes are super banging.