20 September 2010

UniStyle: You'd Make Pretty Babies...just sayin', ANU

 Now Lachlan here, and I do not agree on most things but we can agree that avocado is an excellent colour for a sweater. And also that he has an premium hair-cut.
And we can both agree that Bojana is pretty adorable.

13 September 2010

Craving Some Khaki

Kharki's for kute girls.

*Was going to make a lame Doctor Who joke but thought better of it.*

I don't know if these are the actual galaxy legs from Black Milk, I think they might not be but they look really similar. This girl was walking so fast I couldn't ask her. The Black Milk designer is really charming so I get stuck on his blog a lot. These are probably my favourite leggings of theirs!


Spring's here. Aren't you just shaking with excitement?