29 June 2010

Watch This Space

As you might have noticed we are out for the uni-break. It is vaguely unprofessional to leave Capital Style up for weeks without an update or a hiatus notice but hey, we are very unprofessional.

Can't wait to get back into it next semester. Check back here occasionally for info on local fashiony events. If you have a related event you want us to pimp contact us at capital.style@yahoo.com and/or on the Facebook page.

ALSO. Get excited for CAPITAL STYLE SPEED DATING coming to a heart near you in ANU Bush Week. More info about that later.

For now why not take a walk through our archives?

4 June 2010

London Calling

I have returned from London with a slight tan on my shoulders (yes, it was 30 degrees when I arrived) and a gorgeous bright red bowler camera bag! My tanned shoulders and I got sick of walking around with a handbag and a camera bag, so decided to combine the two in to one stylish look.
So after assessments are all over, you will see me sporting my lovely red bowler bag, taking photos of you fashionable folk of Canberra.

1 June 2010

UniStyle: Get Fleeced, or Why The Sartorialist needs to chill out more, ANU

I'm not a 'The Sartorialist' lady. This blogger is the kind of guy to write,
 "Suspenders and cufflinks are two of the most important accessories for men and yet the challenge of finding great options is almost insurmountable."

Not exactly the most relevant info for our age bracket. I'll dress old when I get old. For instance, I might consider dry-cleaning something when I hit menopause. Basically I'm a grungy scruff-ball. Therefore I own (and wear!) some grey fleece trackpants that are freakin' perfect for spilling pasta sauce on (omg, the absorbency).

In light of this, I've been hoarding some this picture of trackpants that we dug, just because...you know, not v. fashiony. But then I saw this photos on The Sartorialist of some dude in Moscow:

They even look like the ones you used to get from Supre. Which I think proves that, although he's neat-freak and 94% of photos on his blog are Italian Men With Their Trousers Rolled Up, he's not a total classy cunt. And I guess if the Satorialist can do it:
May the official pants of university always look like such a good idea.