30 August 2009

UniStyle: kute khicks, ANU

Lotta men on this blog recently...
Ladies? Wouldn't you love either gals' hair?

26 August 2009

UniStyle: Pretty Sunny, ANU

These photos were taken on a beautiful day that was worthy of sunglasses. Even if you only got them from that creepy hat stand/shop/area in the Canberra Centre like the guy at the top did.

Also, do you own Raybans? everyone has Raybans. I do not have Raybans...yet.

14 August 2009

UniStyle: Flowin' in the Breeze, ANU

Is it still too early to wear long, delicate, feminine skirts?

My freezy knees say yes, what the hell? it is much, much too early but more power to these girls. However, I've never writen about my own knees talking to me before, so look - we are all crossing boundaries today!

13 August 2009

UniStyle: Seeing Red, ANU

Continung the theme of colour co-ordination, I like the dialogue between this girl's pixie cut and her high waisted red jeans. The vintage brown leather bag really completes this look. We had a chat with her as we were lining up for free pancakes, and it turns out she's a friend of the Nerd Boyfriend we featured earlier. That is sort of neat.

Have you had any friends featured on here?

UniStyle: My Bike & Me, ANU

I don't have a bike, but if I did, I would colour co-ordinate my outfit with it just as this cute girl has done.

5 August 2009

UniStyle: Have You Thought About Pink Pants?, ANU

I'm glad someone is thinking about pink pants. Below is a close up of the shoes.

We all wish this photo was brighter/more cropped/better quality but I took this photo and What Do You Think I Am? Some sort of wizard? jeeze.

UniStyle: Kute Shoes, ANU