21 August 2010

UniStyle: The Clowns Weren't Giving Their Donuts to Me and They Weren't Funny, ANU

We have not mentioned that delicious Sophiatron is back in Canberra after half a year in Manchester (that is in England), and she is mulling around doing photos for CapSty. It is sooo good.

I often wonder whether to go to uni in all-black or in nefarious clown colours.
 It is a difficult choice.

17 August 2010

UniStyle: Fascists and Lesbians, ANU

OK WE'RE BACK ON. Are you with us? Try to keep up.

To anyone who came to speed dating in Bush Week, hope you had fun! To anyone who didn't, you missed out - we all had sex, it was great.

Hey Now, can we talk about this?

Ignore his ugg-boots, he live on campus. What I'm talking about is the half-shaving.

Now my Dad once said,"I don't understand why anyone would what to shave their hair unless they were a fascist...or a lesbian." My father is a deeply confused man, especially now this hair-cut is now heavily represented by all sorts of folk.

My love for this cut is strongest when the long hair on top is doing something nutty - like curls or crazy frizz. At the time of this photo, Young Sam hadn't washed his hair in 6 weeks. He is trying to revert it back to a self-cleaning state. There is nothing about this experiment that I don't like.