29 September 2009

Why have we not been posting??

I dunno. Shut up! We already feel bad enough.

We needed more help. Thankfully, we're getting it! Soon a new arrival will be injecting some iron into this enemic lil' blog.

>>>watch this space<<<
In the meantime, did ANU students see the lovely write-up about us in the most-recent Woroni paper? Capital Style would like to formally thank Zoya for that little hug. Thanks Zoya! The full interview was much longer and it included the fact that Sophia and I are wary of approching really, really good-looking people.
So if you see us out and about but we do not say hi - don't worry! - maybe it is because you are too attractive.

10 September 2009

UniStyle: I Saw You Last In Summertime, ANU

I am, of course, talking about legs. Welcome back short skirts. Heady days of leg shaving are ahead of us girls. Sharpen your razors and rock black stockings while you can...