18 June 2009

Canberra vs. Sydney

Sydney has pulled something tricky in the eternal battle against Canberra's inferiority complex - It has taken photographer Sophia for 2-ish weeks! you bastards.

That means CapSty is on a wk temp. break. In the meantime, I supply you with some 'less-modest' street fashion blogs to browse. You'll come back to us after you get a load of their awesome right? Right??

Face Hunter: Best?

Glamcanyon: hahahaha, this is Your Brain on Berlin.

Advanced Style: PEOPLE WE CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS BLOG ENOUGH. You need it, it needs you, it is our future, it is our past. I'm afraid of getting old but at least I know I can stay Attractive; Advanced Style has taught me this.

(Plus sorry, but Dakota Fanning is pleasing me by looking pretty cool but at the same time still looking really 7 years old in the face. DF pleases me generally because, yes, she is really very rich but I think I could take her in a physical altercation - I find this is a disturbingly important qualifier for whether I like a celebrity or not. PS This is a relevant digression to have on this blog because I can PICTURE myself in those shoes/toting that tote at the ANU.)

17 June 2009

UniStyle: Personality, ANU

Do you colour coordinate with your BFF? No. You do not. Why? Because you are not committed enough to making me smile.

What is this? Accidental style? I mean, his old socks match his careless hoodie so well. If he did it on purpose I'd be kind of bummed. I think it is pretty, Sophia did not. We are into diversity here at CapSty!

14 June 2009

UniStyle: White light, ANU

This photo, although taken back in May, has been kept in the Capital Style archives until the appropriate time. I feel that now, as temperatures reach close to zero, it is time to publish this beautiful photo which both exemplifies the inherent style of some ANU students and is a record of the warmer days past. This stylishly simple outfit immediately captured me as the solid white of her top, skirt, stockings and even her necklace don't appear bland despite the lack of bright colour. By adding accessories in brown, black and gold she breaks up this white and lends a chic quality to her outfit. I applaud this girl for her gorgeous hair and enviable ability to keep this much white clean and pristine.

8 June 2009

Interview: itrip iskip

If you’ve lived in Canberra for a while, and are in any way fashion/art/cute-things inclined, chances are you’ve already come across (and become addicted to) Braddon boutique, itrip iskip.

Run by sisters Diana (Dee) and Ana Derek, the store has been in existence for about three years, and has quickly become somewhat of a Canberra fashion institution.

Stocking a range of labels, in both men’s and lady’s fashionwear and footwear, and decorated in a deliciously quirky, Alice-in-Wonderland-esque manner, the store is a haven for anyone seeking a cute outfit, a feast for the eyes, or simply a brief respite from the chilly weather in friendly surrounds.

We caught up with co-owner and fashion lover, Dee, for a chat about Canberra, clothes, and cold weather.

A fan of individual style, Dee’s favourite labels stocked in the shop are Melbourne based Lady, which is full of bright colours and fantastical floral prints, and Friends of Couture, with their cute, detailed knits. If it was up to her, half of the stock wouldn’t make it onto the shelves, having been snapped up for her own closet- luckily for us, she exercises some control! The store is filled with a wide range of styles, from simplistic knitted dresses to more detailed jackets and cardi’s.

Added to this is a warm, cosy interior, filled with teapots, plaster animals and a bright red piano. The store is so snug, in fact, that if itrip iskip were an animal, Dee said, it would definitely be a something along the lines of a squirrel, or a rabbit. Really, something cute, fluffy, and friendly.

When asked which fashion icon (past or present), she’d love to see in the store, Lou Doillon, French actress, model and fashionista immediately sprung to Dee’s mind. But even more so, she just likes to see some of the awesomely dressed Canberra locals (i.e. you guys!), who she finds totally inspiring. ‘Canberra fashion isn’t pretentious,’ she said. There are a range of unique styles developing in our humble nation’s capital.

There are no fashion don’t’s, in Dee’s eyes. Spots and stripes, denim on denim, anything bright and brave: if you can pull it off, go for it, she says. And in these colder months, scarves are an absolutely essential item, along with a cute beret.

Finally, we asked, in her professional opinion, has Canberra got style?

‘It’s getting there… no, we do!’ she laughed at our appalled expressions. ‘But it’s good not being the ‘stylish capital’!’

Who needs style when we’ve got character?

Many thanks go to Zoya, who travelled to and fro itrip iskip many times to kindly write up this interview. Keep an eye out for our next store review, Felt!

7 June 2009

UniStyles, like bikes?, ANU

White Bike: for delivering milk.

Girl Bike: for making me jealous.

Gold Bike: for Autumnal colour-coordination!

No Hands: for making other people look bad.

Angry Lecturer: for awesomeness?

1 June 2009

UniStyle: Spanish Sense, ANU

Sophia and I were out and moaning about grey-toned clothes in winter. They are OK but not so much fun for photos. Then we spied this gentleman and we had to go bother him in the library:

We tried to express our love but he was Spanish and didn't understand our fangirl English. I have a theory - wellllll really, lets call it an unfounded stereotype based on a handful of people I know- that Spanish people wear the craziest things but make them look so normal. Like, a native Canberran could not wear a red-gummi watch, matching headphones, a feminine tablecloth as a scarf, summer shorts but a beanie too, and (though you can't see them) socks that match it all. It's not weird on him but then again it totally is.

Anyway, sorry for frightening you man!

UniStyle: That Bag!, ANU

It is so furry.