17 March 2011

UniStyle: Terrify!, ANU

This is a great photo montage of how I stalk people.

Step 1
Sneak Up From Behind.
Step 2
Get Caught in the Act of Stalking. shit.
Step 3
Pretend To Be a Street-Fashion Photographer.

PresidentialStyle: One cute bag inside another, ANU

I don't see why not.

9 March 2011

UniStyle: Red Sirens, ANU

This girl asked me to specifically mention that this is not a dress, it is a mumu. 
If you look closely at this photo you can see Dani's chin piercing silhouetted! I think that's charming.

7 March 2011

UniStyle: Man Skirt, ANU

This is not a Man Skirt.
I need to see more men wearing skirts. This, however, is not a skirt, per se. It has a real name and it is from Ghana...I think, I really should take notes. 
What I do know is that it is mad sexy and seemed really excellent to wear on this freakin' hot day.

In Action!
Lady Drummer, you are all burning up in the sun back there.


Two beautiful girls were showing me their incredible,/-ly expensive luxury
bags the other day...
...And they are lovely, but, you know what? I totally (obviously?) love this bag better.
Who's GARY?? These should be the only pencil cases made.

3 March 2011

UniStyle: Coveted Collars, ANU

Recently I took photos while handing out the http for the blog. It was only after I handed out 20+ of these addresses that I realised it'd written it, Capital Syle. 
If you were one of those people (like the sweet lady above), but still managed to find your way here. CONGRATS, you are like some sort of code breaker and the code is Me Not Being Able to Spell.

UniStyle: Jaunty Shoes Photographed Poorly, ANU

These orange sandals offer no arch support.

1 March 2011

UniStyle: Kind of a Big Deal, ANU

SQUAT&COUGH are a new ANU blog espousing the queer perspective from an lovingly anonymous viewpoint.

ON A UNRELATED NOTE, this is Emma: 
What of it!
So confrontational!

And this is Emma's handkerchief.


I encourage walking up to this lady and just pointing at her head, implying silently but with great certainty, 'Here, here he is.' I assure you, it will be hilarious every time.

UniStyle: Black Swan, ANU

This is a face I am used to seeing on people's faces when I photo-ambush them.

It is the face of UNCERTAINTY. Don't worry guys! I just wanna see your swans!
Nice Swans.

PS. as always, I really want to thank everyone who lets me take photos of them. Thanks dudes.