31 May 2009

UniStyle: Bow-tie man

I think this is a perfect example of how an already stylish outfit can be made even better with one, well chosen, accessory. Everything here goes together perfectly,from his cardigan (great print!), the crisp (and pristine) white trousers, to his shoes and bag. I think the addition of the bow-tie was a great decision, as it really makes this outfit 'pop'and matches the red in his cardigan and shoes. Delicious.

26 May 2009

Impeccables, ANU + a-little-bit-out-of-ANU

If I was a cheesy fashion-blogger, I would say that the most important accessory to Dan's characteristically well-put-together outfit is his alarmingly cute smile. I DO NOT CARE. I AM SAYING IT ANYWAY. MARRY ME. What do you think Gorgeous Coat Man?

Thumbs up!

Also, I can't say how much I love this guy's look. It's just all about wearing stuff that fits You perfectly. The little bit of bunching as the jeans hit the boots? ugh. yes.

UniStyle: Neutrals, ANU

On foggy, cold, near-winter days, when the sky looks like it's about to pour, we understand if you choose to wear your blacks and browns instead of your colours. Only condition: look as amazing as this guy. I love the slightly-too-large jacket coupled with the skinny jeans.

The shoes really are the perfect touch. Wouldn't you agree?

23 May 2009

UniStyle: Staying warm x 2, ANU

Now that we're approaching winter, it's time to snuggle up to a warm jacket or sweater. Being a Sydney girl myself, I still find the cold in Canberra surpries me every year. What will you be wearing this season to stay warm?

19 May 2009

UniStyle: Gentles, ANU

You don't see backpacks like this all the time. The ones that look like they're about to zip open and start talking, Lift-Off style.

Sophia opened my eyes to Advanced Style, a street fashion blog truly touched by genius.

16 May 2009

UniStyle: Sophisticated Students, ANU

Something about fur-lined coats and brown leather says "I am much classier than you." Alas, it is true.

15 May 2009

Uni Style: Vintage coat, ANU

I think these pictures really do say a thousand words. Namely, how absolutely fabulous is her coat! The wonderful print and cut really show the value of a good coat, vintage or not.

14 May 2009

UniStyle: Hair x2, ANU

UniStyle: Mix'n'Match, ANU

When it comes to mid-seasons, layering is the key. It also means you can pull together an ensemble of many colours, textures and styles. I love how boldly coloured these girls are, and how effortlessly they pull it off.
Once again, effortless style. You can't see very well in this photo, but he was wearing pink frames.

*Also: I know we've been taking lots of ANU campus shots, but we are planning to scout around other areas in the near future. As soon as we develop some more skills and make some business cards, so dear Vicki can stop hand-writing our webaddress in her depleting notepad. Any places you can recommend for us to scout?

12 May 2009

UniStyle: Bright Kids, ANU

Capital Style is here to brighten up your life with some colourful ladies...

The orange headband is such a great touch.

Red stockings? Red shoes?? Impossible! Triangle cat is pleased with such brave colours.

UniStyle: Autumn colours & sandwiches, ANU

Personally, I love autumn. Everyone who knows me knows I am a tad obsessed with this season and its pretty pretty colours. Dressing in autumn is also one of my favourite things. What better time to match the brown and green shades of nature than now?

Great things about this guy:
  • Autumnal-themed All-American baseball jacket.
  • Green cap, complete with pencil behind the ear.
  • Colourful belt
  • Sandwich in hand (now that's subtle colour co-ordination)
This guy inspires me to hug some trees, and make myself a sandwich.

10 May 2009

UniStyle: Hair, ANU

Sorry for the Stalker-Cam but you don't know how many babies I'd kill for your elvish tendrils.
I asked this gal about her hair and she admitted that it's kind of a signature look. How long do you stay faithful to a style? I am a serial cheater on my hair. I'll not be with a cheeky fringe long before I start to pine for a mysterious swoopy bob or a harsh, straight, Scandinavian-y thing (These are technical terms).

7 May 2009

5 May 2009

UniStyle: fuckin' rock + roll, ANU


*Capital Style would like to mention that we do not condone smoking unless it is for the purpose of looking freakin' cool.

I feel like this photo is a plug for a) ANU band The Trivs, b) raybans, and c) Dare icecoffee. Free samples of all of these things will be accepted by the CapSty girls (especially samples of The Trivs, mmmyes).

It begins...

Sorry for the slight delay. Vickithump and I went photo scouting today for the first time, and we got some fantastic shots. Expect to see a lot more in the next few days!