31 March 2010

Public Service Announcement: win free clothes w/ HEARTBEAT

Superman is modeling a smexi reversible scarf by MyPetsQuare, a Sydney group. This is going to be on my neck all through winter, I can tell. It has lovely thick tassels to fiddle with if you're a fiddler.

I was given this at the monthly night HEARTBEAT that runs at the Transit Bar.

HEARTBEAT, if you haven't heard, is a new event where local cool dudes Party by Jake engage with street-fashion labels and feature their designs on a special night (it's free too!). This party has interstate DJs, party-photographers, good-looking party-goers (I checked), and other things that the young kids are into.


Not just scarfs but also shirts and hoodies, I believe. Next night is Saturday, April 10th (here's the FB event). But join the Party By Jake FB page to take part in their giveaways leading up to that date. The next label they're featuring is Eleventh Commandment. General tee+jeans structure (check the merch here) but I am a bit keen on their Yen shirt:

NOTE: Although the scarf was a freebie, PBJ did not ask Capital Style to feature their event. We genuinely feel that this is a kick-ass idea and a great night for all at Transit. Get amongst your local scene and support these guys for giving Canberra night-life an extra sex-injection.

UniStyle: Union Court Grass, ANU

We saw a girl today and did a bit of a double take...
... because, yes, it's a shirt with dog portraits all over it.
It is a shirt that answers your question "why?" with a resounding "why not?" Awesome. Also:
Love love.

28 March 2010

Outtings, NGA

You can not tell from this photo but this man had the manliest, most mutton-ly sideburns.

18 March 2010

Street Fashion Blogs Defining Fashion

The latest Shop Til You Drop magazine has an article about how street fashion blogs like the Sartorialist are creating fashion trends and inspiring designers. Maybe one day the photos on Capital Style will inspire a line of clothing!

9 March 2010

UniStyle: StalkerShots, ANU

I am rough on the laws regarding publishing photos without the subject's permission. Here's hoping they are lax!
I stared at this photo too long once and the back slits turned into eyes for the dress. Angry eyes.

7 March 2010

UniStyle: Colour your head, ANU

If you have not made your mother gasp at your new hair colour then you have not lived...  
Look at the gradient on this baby.

1 March 2010

Poms, Union Court

I might be somewhat biased because I've spent the last week living with both these gentlemen...

...and I bought these shoes...but I think they look pretty cool.