25 February 2010

Young Folks, Civic

We caught this couple in the summer break in Civic...

I know beaten leather shoes aren't everyone's cup of beef noodles but they're so far up my alley it hurts.

18 February 2010

Thank You For Dating Speedily

Hi there young lovers,

Thanks for coming to speed dating! We had a better turn out than we could have expected. We hope you had a good time, even if you didn't meet your soul mate.


Vicki & Flick (your Capital Style matchmakers)

UniStyle, Shoe 'Tude, ANU O-Week

UniStyle: A Softer Bag, ANU O-Week

16 February 2010

Magst du Tom?

Tom's coming to speed dating. Ladies? Laaaadies??

Love me these German military issue coats (although highly inappropriate for this weather). They are nothing special in Germany but it's nice to see someone haul one all the way back here.


Hey now folks. Welcome back to ANU and regular posts.

WOW. During ANU O-Week CapSty is running bloody speed dating on THURSDAY, 1-2pm at the ANU bar Beer Garden. Alice here has selected the shiniest young daters and signed them up already. You though, you gorgeous reader need not sign up. Just come along! You don't need to be from ANU, anyone willing to pour their all into 50 2-minute dates are welcome!

see you there,
Vick and Flick xx