22 December 2010

ACT Burlesque!

Apparently, we have a ton of it. Below are the banging babes of The Darling Sisters. Their website looks weird and curiously un-glamourous, but is actually kind of awesome. Also, their boutique is INCREDIBLE if a bit pricey for me. Take a look-see..The Darling Sisters Boutique
Below, Sarah (far left), has a blog that has a lot of pictures that I want more time to look at. Missfit's Vintage
This is a snood from Pussyfoot Industries (cute etsy here). Snood is a fun thing to say and to wear.

PS. Sorry if the photo quality here is a piece of penis, I'll upgrade them ASAP. 

Get on My Head, Local Buzzness

There is almost nothing I want to put on my head more that this red crown of gorgeous. It and the other headpieces of glory here are made by Barb Mickelson, who lives at the Old Bus Depot markets (She doesn't have a website). From memory they were very reasonably priced too.
So much costume jewelery at the Bus Depot...