30 December 2009

Walking around in our summertime clothes..., Civic

Summer should be about lying in a hammock, reading poetry and sipping ice tea. It should also be about wearing bright patterns. Here is a haiku for you to read while horizontal-hammocking and tea-sipping:

The sunshine was bright
But the dresses were brighter
I want air con please

and yes, in a bold and daring move, we have included our very own blogger, Vicki. She was too summery to miss!

24 December 2009

Merry Xmas

Unfortunately (or fortunately) Canberra's weather is not conducive to Christmas-themed knitted sweaters. This has hindered us somewhat in creating a Christmas post.

Here's a picture of Colin Firth rocking his reindeer jumper to make your Xmas just that little bit merrier.

Merry Xmas from all of us at CapitalStyle. We hope to see you out and about in your new outfits in the new year!

14 December 2009

Canberra Princess, Civic

We're back! Feel's a bit warm and fuzzy (like the fluff from your dryer).
Please welcome Flick, the blog's newest photographer. She's cuter than most people but don't let that put you off.
Below is one of Flick's photos of a girl so pretty you all might feel a little bad about yourself:

...Don't cry, her type is rare.