18 July 2010

Another Semester, Another CapSty SPEED DATING

We will start posting photos again in the next few weeks but first, it's time for what is becoming out little tradition: Capital Style Speed Dating!

What's that you say? 'I have class this week during Bush Week and can't come to Speed Dating on Tuesday?' You know what that sounds like to me? That sounds like somebody who doesn't like falling in love. Sir, Madam, What kind of monster are you anyway?

Speed Dating this Tuesday is a part of ANU's ARMAGEDDON Bush Week. It's time to date like it's the end of the freakin' world people. And once again Canberra's most friendly street-fashion blog Capital Style is on hosting duty. To anyone who was there for out O-Week speed dating: I can promise that it will be better organised and a number-exchange WILL be posible for interested parties. I cannot promise that we will be less drunk.

THE IMPORTANT FACTS: SPEED DATING, Tuesday 2pm (onwards), ANU Bar. Later: Sex?