29 November 2010

My Friend's Store, Old Bus Depot Markets

My lady Esther and I both have really dusty old people's names.
^ Esther
Unlike me, Esther and her sister had a store at Fash'n Treasure last Saturday. Cutely, it was called 'My Sister's Closet'. The store's highlight was this amazing suit.
Which was actually a lot more neon-yellowy than this picture reveals. More neon-yellowy in a good way, if you'll believe me.
I don't know if anyone bought this beauty, but if not I'm pretty sure Jackie O is coming back from the dead to claim it. Mmm Zombie Jackie O would be so chic

Fash'n Treasure win, Old Bus Depot Markets

Fash'n Treasure blew my mind.
Apparently the turn-out was unimpressive on account of Foreshore, but that just meant more cool shit for the rest of us. I bought so much for SO LITTLE MONEY.
As well as some really great vintage, people were making stuff! Don't even try to hold me back from craft.
These are earring made out of sunglasses' arms. I may never be more chuffed.
Now if you really wanted to go to Fash'n Treasure, but you didn't know it was on and missed it, I suggest time-travel or simply just remind yourself to check Party By Jake more often. This is where I blog and tell you about these amazing things.

Carly Q Design, Old Bus Depot Markets

Have you always wanted a minimal dress that's also feminine? Local gal Carly Q is making your dress!
The website isn't up yet but I found her at The Old Bus Depot Market's awesome event, Fash -n- Treasure.