19 April 2010

UniStyle: Let Me Get Your Details!, ANU

My kingdom for that squarey-skirt alone, but what else have we got here?
(^Click this one!^)
I will take your ability to apply perfect lipstick too. Hand-eye co-ordination, so chic!

9 April 2010

UniStyle: Cooler Than A Monkey With Grillz, ANU

That is a pretty sick t-shirt. It is Christopher Kane's Gorrilla jersey and it will set you back in the candy-allowance.
Glasses that can also protect you in the lab? I am on board ma'am.

ALSO: Saturday night is the next HEARTBEAT at Transit. It's on until 4 in the morn! Eleventh Commandment are the label this month and they are saying they have 20 garments to give away. 20 IS PLENTY PEOPLE. You can win this stuff easy. Just show up (remember it's free) and get involved x

6 April 2010

UniStyle: Riding Along On My Pushbike, Honey

Bicycles have a tendancy to either look really really cool or really really dorky. These people are the former. Lucky them. When I was a kid I had a fluro pink stackhat and those annoying beads on the spokes. I was the latter.